Disable Sorting On Specific Columns In Datatable

Websolutionstuff | Aug-24-2020 | Categories : jQuery

In this article, we will delve into the process of disabling sorting for specific columns in Datatables. If you find the need to eliminate sorting arrows or prevent sorting on particular columns, or even across all columns in Datatables, you can achieve this through the use of the columnDefs feature in jQuery.

With columnDefs, you can remove sorting arrows for one or more columns in your Datatable using jQuery. This gives you the flexibility to disable sorting and ordering for columns as per your project's specific requirements.

While Datatables offers a rich set of features, including sorting, pagination, search, and column ordering, there are instances where certain features may not align with the client's project needs. If you need to disable ordering, search, or visibility for specific columns, columnDefs provides the means to configure these options tailored to individual columns in your Datatable.

     'processing': true,
     'serverSide': true,
     'serverMethod': 'POST',
     'ajax': {
     'columns': [
        { data: 'id' }, /* index - 0 */
        { data: 'name' }, /* index - 1 */
        { data: 'email' }, /* index - 2 */
        { data: 'phone_no' }, /* index - 3 */
        { data: 'country' } /* index - 4 */
     'columnDefs': [ {
        'targets': [3,4], /* column index */
        'orderable': false, /* true or false */



In conclusion, we have explored the effective method of disabling sorting for specific columns in Datatables. By leveraging the columnDefs feature in jQuery, we can easily remove sorting arrows, prevent sorting on particular columns, or even disable sorting across all columns within our Datatables.


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