How To Run Python Script In Laravel 9

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In this article, we will see how to run the python scripts in laravel 9. Python is a popular programming language. Python is a general-purpose interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, and high-level programming language.

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Using the python script you can check major functionalities like image recognition, face recognition, check image blur or not, import or export large datasets, and large CSV/Excel file download.

Step 1: Write a simple Python Script

 In this step, we will create a simple python script.

# User inputs the string and it gets stored in the variable str
str = input("Enter a string: ")

# counter variable to count the character in a string
counter = 0
for s in str:
      counter = counter+1

print("Length of the input string is:", counter)



Step 2: Run Python Code in Laravel

The laravel provides a process() method for running the script. The Process component executes commands in sub-processes. So, install the process package using the below command.

composer require symfony/process

After installing the package we will create a function and run the python script.

In the controller include a symphony process component.

use Symfony\Component\Process\Exception\ProcessFailedException;
use Symfony\Component\Process\Process;
public function PythonScript()
    $process = new Process("python3 /var/www/laravel/Laravel_Python_Example/app/PythonScript/");
    if (!$process->isSuccessful()) {
        throw new ProcessFailedException($process);

    $data = $process->getOutput();




If you want to pass parameters to the python script you can do it like this.

$process = new Process(['python', '/path/to/', $arg]);


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