Laravel 9 Pluck Method Example

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In this article, we will see laravel 9 pluck method example. The pluck method retrieves all of the values for a given key. You can also retrieve values from arrays and collections. You may also pluck keys and values using the pluck() method.

Also, you can get selected column records from the database using the pluck() method. You may also pluck multiple columns in laravel 9.

So, let's see the pluck method in laravel.

Example 1: pluck using key

$collection = collect([
    ['id' => '1', 'name' => 'Laravel'],
    ['id' => '2', 'name' => 'PHP'],
$plucked = $collection->pluck('name');
// ['Laravel', 'PHP']



Example 2: pluck collection

$plucked = $collection->pluck('name', 'id');
// ['1' => 'Laravel', '2' => 'PHP']


Example 3: pluck nested values

$collection = collect([
        'id' => '1',
        'name' => [
            'car' => ['Audi Q5', 'Audi A8'],
        'id' => '2',
        'name' => [
            'car' => ['Mercedes-Benz C-Class', 'Mercedes-Benz S-Class'],
$plucked = $collection->pluck('');
// [['Audi Q5', 'Audi A8'], ['Mercedes-Benz C-Class', 'Mercedes-Benz S-Class']]



Example 4: remove duplicate key

If duplicate keys exist, the last matching element will be inserted into the plucked collection.

$collection = collect([
    ['brand' => 'Tesla',  'color' => 'red'],
    ['brand' => 'Toyota', 'color' => 'white'],
    ['brand' => 'Tesla',  'color' => 'black'],
    ['brand' => 'Toyota', 'color' => 'grey'],
$plucked = $collection->pluck('color', 'brand');
// ['Tesla' => 'black', 'Toyota' => 'grey']


Example 5: pluck data with model

public function index(){
   $names = Users::pluck('name', 'id');
// ['1' => 'websolutionstuff', '2' => 'websolution']


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