How To Get Last Record In Laravel 8

Websolutionstuff | Jan-26-2022 | Categories : Laravel PHP MySQL

In this example, we will see how to get the last record in laravel 8. You can simply get the last record using laravel 8 eloquent model. In PHP, you can use order by clause with descending order to get the last record from the database table.

In laravel provides the latest() method to get the last record from the database. And in MySQL get the last record using the ORDER BY clause with desc.

So, let's see laravel 8 get last record, how to get latest record in laravel, how to get last record in mysql, get last updated record in laravel 8.

MySQL Syntax : 

You can see the MySQL syntax like below. 

SELECT column_name FROM table_name  
ORDER BY column_name DESC  

Example :

select *from users ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1;



Laravel Syntax :

Example 1:

$user = DB::table('users')

Example 2 :

$user = User::orderBy('id', 'DESC')->first();


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