VPS Servers - Take a Step Ahead to More Growth

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It is the poor hosting that is causing you so many issues. If you upgrade to advanced hosting based on your website needs, you can continue to grow more. 

Otherwise, your website keeps slowing down and showing security threat signs. 

It is not a good idea to continue using the same web hosting you purchased initially. It must be shared hosting, I assume. But it limits the resource usage after a while. Plus, you also run out of space on the server. There are concerns about privacy and security..

So if you don't want to face such issues frequently, try opting for a cheap windows VPS server. VPS hosting is far better at offering private space and committed resources. You can utilize as your website urges for them and not stay in any shared zone. 

It is not possible to continue with shared hosting as it limits progress. Just like you pass a year and get promoted to another class, you are supposed to upgrade hosting. 

Web hosting services play a vital role. They are a step by step journey to success. If your website has started receiving good traffic and slowing down, you need to upgrade. Otherwise, you won't grow as much as you expect. In fact, you may lose potential customers and visitors too. 

So it is better you switch and heighten your business website to a level. 

Cheap Linux VPS hosting has many advantages. It is powerful in terms of security, performance and outputs. So you can enjoy a better website. Plus, you provide an enhanced surfing experience to your traffic. 

There are many web hosting companies. It is no big deal that you can opt for any web host. The task is finding a quality web hosting company with a quality hosting solution. The reason is they help you flourish your website with better services and support. 

MilesWeb is one such web host that will offer you everything you require to grow your business website. 

They are also affordable in that case. For years, MilesWeb has maintained a pace of offering low-cost hosting solutions so that every user can benefit from the same. If it is not about MilesWeb, I wouldn't have taken the time to guide you about their products. They are indeed the best web hosting company. 

Over a period, MilesWeb has helped more than 36,000 customers worldwide. All their web hosting plans are reasonable, with amazing features and a good number of resources. So if you are tight on a budget and also don't want to put big investment, MilesWeb is good to go.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is a hosting type where each user gets a virtual private server. The web host you opt for deploys and creates multiple virtual private servers. These servers are personal on a virtual level. That means you don't share the space and its resources with other users. 

There is dedicated server hosting too, but there is no need of investing so much right now. You are in a growing stage. Once your traffic outgrows VPS hosting, you can switch to dedicated servers. 

VPS servers are also not so expensive. You can buy them at a reasonable price from MilesWeb and receive 100% resources. 

MilesWeb gives frequent discounts to new and existing customers. If you opt for this web host, you will gain many benefits. 

MilesWeb VPS Hosting Services

MilesWeb offers a few plans under the VPS hosting services. They also have options for managed and unmanaged VPS. Plus, they give quite many features and other benefits. 

There are two options under MilesWeb VPS hosting - Linux and Windows. You can go for the one, whatever suits your requirements. 

Managed VPS hosting generally works best for users with less technical skills. It costs Rs. 630/m after a 25% discount. You can get the basic entry-level plan for 630/m. 

The discount works for users who purchase any plan for three years. Otherwise, the standard hosting charges per month can differ. 

On the other hand, unmanaged VPS hosting plans range from Rs. 480/m to Rs. 4,545/m. Unmanaged VPS hosting is good for users who can manage their servers and are technically sound. 

Benefits to Opt for MilesWeb VPS Hosting

High Network Uptime 

MilesWeb gives you a network uptime of 99.99% with all VPS plans. This can assist in running a smooth site with zero server downtimes. 

Free SSL Certificate

Any plan you choose includes a free SSL certificate. MilesWeb provides it at no additional cost. That means you can stay safe and be assured your information is secured. 

Root Access

You get full root access with the MilesWeb VPS plan. They allow you power over your databases, files, domains, web activities, etc. You can customize and control however you like.

High Performance

With more resources and privacy, your website will run smoothly. There won't be space for other users so, you can expect better results too. 

Wrap Up

MilesWeb is good to get started with VPS hosting. They offer everything you require for your website at reasonable rates. Their web hosting services have been low cost for nine years. I am sure they will continue to offer value.

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