How to Install PHP Soap Extension in Ubuntu 23.04

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Hey fellow developers! Today, let's tackle the installation of the PHP SOAP extension on our Ubuntu 23.04 systems. If you're building something that requires web services or interacting with APIs, SOAP is your friend.

So, let's get this extension installed together. Here's a simple guide to walk you through it. Also, you can install the php-soap extension in Ubuntu 22.10, ubuntu 22.04, ubuntu 21.10, ubuntu 21.04, ubuntu 20.04, ubuntu 18.04, and ubuntu 16.04 server.

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Step 1: Update Packages

First things, let's ensure our system is up to date:

sudo apt update


Step 2: Install PHP

Make sure PHP is on board. If not, let's bring it in:

sudo apt install php


Step 3: Install the PHP SOAP Extension

Now, let's get SOAP up and running. Execute this command:

sudo apt install php-soap


Step 4: Restart the Web Server

Changes applied! Let's make sure they stick by restarting the web server. If you're on Apache, use:

sudo service apache2 restart

For Nginx users:

sudo service nginx restart


Step 5: Verify the Installation

Let's check if everything's in place. Create a file, say soap_check.php:

sudo nano /var/www/html/soap_check.php

Add this content:


Save and access it through your browser (e.g., http://your_server_ip/soap_check.php). Look for the SOAP section to ensure the extension is now part of your PHP setup.

And there you have it! We've successfully unleashed the power of PHP SOAP on our Ubuntu 23.04 system.

Happy coding!


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