How To Get Last 30 Days Record In Laravel 8

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in this tutorial, we see how to get last 30 days record in laravel 8. You can simply get the last 30 days record using laravel 8 eloquent model. In PHP, you can use INTERVAL to get the last 30 days record from the database. Also, we can see how to get the last 1 month's data records in laravel 6/7/8 using Carbon functions.

For MySQL query, we use the INTERVAL operator. It is mainly used to calculate the date and time values. 

So, let's see get last 30 days records in laravel 6, laravel 7 and laravel 8. how to get last 30 days record in PHP, how to get last 30 days record in MySQL.

MySQL Example :

SQL query to get records from the last 30 days in MySQL.

select * from users where created_at > now() - INTERVAL 30 day;

You can also use the current_date instead of now() function

select * from users where created_at > current_date - interval 30 day;



Laravel Example :

 In laravel, we are using the carbon subdays function to get the last 30 days records.

$date = \Carbon\Carbon::today()->subDays(30);
$users = User::where('created_at','>=',$date)->get();


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