Laravel 9 Subquery In Where Condition

Websolutionstuff | Oct-11-2022 | Categories : Laravel MySQL

In this article, we will see the laravel 9 subquery in where condition. You can learn how to create subquery in laravel 9. Sometimes you may need to construct a "where" clause that compares the results of a subquery to a given value. You may accomplish this by passing a closure and a value to the where method.

We will see a subquery with the select() function in laravel 9. You can also use subquery with join query. And also, you can write a subquery with the selectraw() function in laravel 9.

So, let's see the laravel 9 subquery in where clause.

Example 1:

 In this example, we will retrieve all user's data with a given membership type.

use App\Models\User;
$users = User::where(function ($query) {
        ->whereColumn('membership.user_id', '')
}, 'Basic')->get();


Example 2:

In this example, we will compare the column to the subquery using the operator in the where condition and retrieve all records. The following query will retrieve all income records where the amount is less than average.

use App\Models\Income;
$incomes = Income::where('amount', '<', function ($query) {
    $query->selectRaw('avg(i.amount)')->from('incomes as i');


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