Laravel whereIn and whereNotIn Query Example

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In this article, we will see the laravel whereIn and whereNotIn query examples. laravel query builder provides many different types of queries to filter data from databases. The whereIn method verifies that a given column's value is contained within the given array and the whereNotIn method verifies that the given column's value is not contained in the given array.

Also, you can check if the value exists or not using the whereIn function in laravel 6, laravel 7, and laravel 8. You may create whereIn and whereNotIn subquery in laravel 7/8.

So, let's see laravel 7/8 wherein the query and SQL in the query example.


whereIn(Coulumn_name, Array)



SQL Query

SELECT * FROM students WHERE roll_no IN (1,2,3) 


Laravel whereIn Query

public function index()
    $students = Student::select("*")
                ->whereIn('roll_no', [1,2,3])


Laravel whereNotIn Query

public function index()
    $roll_no = '1,2,3';
    $array1 = explode(',', $roll_no);
    $student = Student::select("*")
                    ->whereNotIn('roll_no', $array1)


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