How To Send Email With Attachment In Laravel 8

Websolutionstuff | May-05-2021 | Categories : Laravel PHP

In this tutorial i will show you how to send email with attachment in laravel 8. As we all know mail functionalities are common in all project but if you want to send mail with attechment then this post is for you here we will see how to attach file in mail in laravel 8.

Here,we will send attachment in mail in laravel 8. So, Let's start and follow below steps.

Step 1 : Set Configuration for send email

Step 2 : Add Route

Step 3 : Add Controller

Step 4 : Create Blade File


Step 1 : Set Configuration for send email

First of all we need to add send email configuration with mail driver, mail host, mail port, mail username, mail password etc in your .env file

MAIL_USERNAME=Your user name


Step 2 : Add Route

Now, add route in your routes/web.php file.

Route::get('send/mail', [SendMailController::class, 'send_mail'])->name('send_mail');


Step 3 : Add Controller

Now create SendMailController in your project and copy below code for attach file in mail.


namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use Illuminate\Http\Request;
use Mail;

class SendMailController extends Controller
    public function send_mail(Request $request)
        $data["email"] = "[email protected]";
        $data["title"] = "";
        $data["body"] = "This is test mail with attachment";
        $files = [
        Mail::send('mail.Test_mail', $data, function($message)use($data, $files) {
            foreach ($files as $file){

        echo "Mail send successfully !!";


Step 4 : Create Blade File

Now, create blade file in this file location resources\views\mail\Test_mail.blade.php for display messages in mail

Hi, Websolutionstuff <br/>
This is Test Mail.<br />
Thank you...!!


And finally you will get output like below image.



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