Crop Image Before Upload Using Croppie Plugin

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In this example i will show you How To Crop Image Before Upload Using Croppie Plugin, manytimes we have requirments to crop image before upload in server.So here i will give you example of how to crop image before uploading in server, croppie plugin provide circle and square crop photo and several others option of settings.


Here, I have used croppie.js CDN for crop image So copy my code and get output.

I have created one folder crop_image and create index.php file into this folder.

<html lang="en">
  <title>Crop image using croppie plugins -</title>
  <link href="" rel="stylesheet">
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
  <script src=""></script>  
  <script src=""></script>

<h3 class="text-center">Crop image using croppie plugins -</h3>
<div class="container">
	<div class="panel panel-default" style="margin-top: 25px;">
	  	<div class="panel-heading">Upload Image</div>
		  	<div class="panel-body">
			  	<div class="row">
			  		<div class="col-md-4 text-center" style="padding-top:30px;">
						<div id="upload-input" style="width:350px; height: 400px;"></div>
			  		<div class="col-md-4" style="padding-top:30px;">
						<strong>Select Image:</strong>
						<input type="file" id="upload">
						<button class="btn btn-success upload-result">Upload Image</button>
			  		<div class="col-md-4" >
						<div id="uploaded-input" style="background:#e1e1e1;width:300px;padding:30px;height:300px;margin-top:30px">							

<script type="text/javascript">
$uploadCrop = $('#upload-input').croppie({
    enableExif: true,
    viewport: {
        width: 200,
        height: 200,
        type: 'circle'
    boundary: {
        width: 300,
        height: 300

$('#upload').on('change', function () { 
	var reader = new FileReader();
    reader.onload = function (e) {
    	$uploadCrop.croppie('bind', {
    		console.log('jQuery bind complete');

$('.upload-result').on('click', function (ev) {
	$uploadCrop.croppie('result', {
		type: 'canvas',
		size: 'viewport'
	}).then(function (resp) {
			url: "/crop_image/store_img_ajax.php",
			type: "POST",
			data: {"image":resp},
			success: function (data) {
				html = '<img style="margin: 20px;" src="' + resp + '" />';

Now, We need to create store_img_ajax.php file to store crop images in this folder crop_image/store_img_ajax.php

$data = $_POST['image'];
list($type, $data) = explode(';', $data);
list(, $data)      = explode(',', $data);
$data = base64_decode($data);
$imageName = time().'.png';
file_put_contents('upload/'.$imageName, $data);

And you will get output like below screenshot.


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