How To Block IP Address In Laravel 10

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In this article, we will see how to block IP addresses in laravel 10. Here we will learn about how to restrict user access from IP addresses in laravel 10. Sometimes we are required to restrict or block users using IP addresses or block from selected countries at that time you can create a blocklist of IP addresses or only allow a whitelist of IP addresses.

We use middleware to restrict or block the user's IP address in laravel 10. Also, we will see how to create middleware and block IP addresses to access URLs.

So, let's see laravel 10 block IP address, how to restrict user access from IP address, laravel 10 restrict user access from IP address, laravel restrict IP address, how to get a user's IP address in laravel 10, and how to block country in laravel 10.

Step 1: Install Laravel 10

In this step, we will install the laravel 10 application using the following command.

composer create-project laravel/laravel laravel_10_example


Step 2: Create Middleware

Then, we will create a BlockIPAddressMiddleware file using the following command and update the below code to that file.

php artisan make:middleware BlockIPAddressMiddleware


namespace App\Http\Middleware;
use Closure;
use Illuminate\Http\Request;
class BlockIPAddressMiddleware
    public $blockIPs = ['Block-IP-1', 'Block-IP-2', 'Block-IP-3'];
     * Handle an incoming request.
     * @param  \Illuminate\Http\Request  $request
     * @param  \Closure(\Illuminate\Http\Request): (\Illuminate\Http\Response|\Illuminate\Http\RedirectResponse)  $next
     * @return \Illuminate\Http\Response|\Illuminate\Http\RedirectResponse
    public function handle(Request $request, Closure $next)
        if (in_array($request->ip(), $this->blockIPs)) {
            abort(403, "You are restricted to access the site.");
        return $next($request);



Step 3: Register Middleware

In this step, we will register the middleware file to the kernel.php file. So, add the following code to that file.


namespace App\Http;
use Illuminate\Foundation\Http\Kernel as HttpKernel;
class Kernel extends HttpKernel
     * The application's route middleware.
     * These middleware may be assigned to groups or used individually.
     * @var array
    protected $routeMiddleware = [
        'blockIPAddress' => \App\Http\Middleware\BlockIPAddressMiddleware::class,


Step 4: Use Middleware

Now, we will use the BlockIPAddressMiddleware in the route file. So, update the web.php file.


use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Route;
use App\Http\Controllers\UserController;  
use App\Http\Controllers\PostController;
| Web Routes
| Here is where you can register web routes for your application. These
| routes are loaded by the RouteServiceProvider within a group which
| contains the "web" middleware group. Now create something great!
Route::middleware(['blockIPAddress'])->group(function () {
    Route::resource('users', UserController::class);
    Route::resource('post', PostController::class);


Step 5: Run Laravel Application

Now, run the laravel 10 restrict user access from the IP address using the following command.

php artisan serve




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