How to Create Zip File in Ubuntu using Command

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Hey folks! If you're anything like me, sometimes you just want a quick and straightforward way to bundle up a bunch of files or folders into a neat little package. Well, good news – creating a zip file in Ubuntu using the command line is easier than you might think!

In this guide, I'll walk you through the steps, and trust me, it's as simple as typing a few commands into your terminal.

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Create a step-by-step guide on creating a zip file in Ubuntu using the command line.

Method 1: Zip Folder Ubuntu Linux

Create a file using the following command.

zip -r folder


zip -r Laravel


Method 2: Create Zip Multiple Folders at Once Linux Ubuntu

Create multiple zip files using a single Ubuntu command.

zip -r folder1 folder2 folder3


zip -r testFolder1 testFolder2 testFolder3


Method 3: Password Protected Folder Linux Ubuntu

Create password protected zip file using command line.

zip -e folder

The command will be prompted to enter and verify the archive password:

Enter password:
Verify password:


zip -r -e TestFolder


Method 4: Create a zip all files and folders

if you want to zip all files and folders in the current directory, you can use.

zip -r *


Verify the Zip File

To verify that the zip file was created successfully, you can use the unzip command to extract its contents:


That's it! You've successfully created a zip file in Ubuntu using the command line. You can now share or move your zip file as needed.



Creating a zip file via the terminal is a quick and efficient way to compress your files and folders.


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