Laravel 9 to_route() and str() Helper Function

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In this article, we will see laravel 9 to_route() and str() helper function. The to_route function generates a redirect HTTP response for a given named route. laravel 9 provide a new helper function to_route() function. Also, provides str() function.

Laravel 9 now comes with a new str() helper function globally that you can use to do string operations fluently just like how you would do with Str::of.

So, let's see to_route() helper function in laravel 9, str() helper function in laravel 9.

Example: to_route() 

Laravel 9 also comes with a convenient to_route() helper function that you can use instead of redirect()->route() for named routes for instance.

// Pre Laravel 9
Route::get('home', function() {
    return redirect()->route('home');

// Post Laravel 9
Route::get('home', function() {
    return to_route('home');

If necessary, you may pass the HTTP status code that should be assigned to the redirect and any additional response headers as the third and fourth arguments to the to_route method.

return to_route('', ['user' => 1], 302, ['X-Framework' => 'Laravel']);



Example: str()

The str function returns a new Illuminate\Support\Stringable instance for the given string.

// pre laravel 9

use Illuminate\Support\Str;

$input = 'this is laravel 9 example';

$output = Str::of($input)
                ->replaceLast('example', 'str function')

// this_is_laravel_9_str_function

// post Laravel 9

$input = 'this is laravel 9 example';

$output = str($input)
                ->replaceLast('example', 'str function')

// this_is_laravel_9_str_function

This function is equivalent to the Str::of method. 

$string = str('Laravel')->append(' str function');
// 'Laravel str function'

If no argument is provided to the str function, the function returns an instance of Illuminate\Support\Str.

$snake = str()->snake('LaravelFramework');

// 'laravel_framework'


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