10 Powerful React Native Tools for 2024

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React Native is popular among businesses because of its speed, efficiency, and lower costs. Developers also appreciate its ability to swiftly create top-notch apps.

As Reactive Native is widely chosen in almost every industry, new tools to boost efficiency are introduced constantly. This can make it hard for software engineers to know about all of them. But it's important to keep learning about the best tools since things change so fast.

So, we have made it easier for you. In this blog, we'll talk about some special tools for React Native that help developers boost efficiency and productivity:


1. Expo


Expo is a powerful tool that makes it easier to create apps using React Native. It provides a bunch of tools that let developers quickly start and run a React Native project without needing programs like Xcode or Android Studio.

What's even cooler is that Expo adds extra features that React Native doesn't have by default. Things like hot reloading, push notifications, and camera access are included and ready to use.

The best part? Expo lets developers test their apps on real devices, even if they don't have the actual device or an emulator. This is super helpful for developers who work on projects from different places.



Redux is a popular tool that helps developers handle the information in their React Native apps. It does this by creating a central storage area where all the app's information is kept. Any component of the app can then access and update this information.

This is really useful for React Native because it lets developers keep all their information management code in one place. This makes it simpler to debug and optimize, and make the app work better.

Redux also lets developers share states between components, which is great for apps that need to deal with lots of information.


3. Jest


Jest is a fantastic tool for developers working on React Native. It lets them create and run tests for their code. With a bunch of helpful features, the tool makes it easy to test components, actions, and reducers. It also works well with other tools like Enzyme, which helps test how components behave.

For React Native projects, Jest is super useful. It helps developers find and fix bugs before the app gets released. This saves a lot of time and effort, ensuring the app’s quality.
To make the most of Jest, it's a good idea to write tests for as much of the code as possible. This way, the whole app gets checked and any issues can be caught early on.



TypeScript is a valuable tool for developers because it helps ensure code reliability and effectiveness. It does this by adding type annotations to your code, allowing the compiler to catch errors before your code is even used. This is especially handy when working on React Native projects, as it helps find and fix errors early in the development process.

What's more, TypeScript can be smoothly combined with other important developer tools like React Native and Redux. This makes it easier to create reliable code for your entire app and catch bugs earlier.

To make the most out of the tool, it's a good idea to use it consistently throughout your codebase. This way, you can maintain a high level of reliability and catch mistakes as soon as possible.


ESLint is a static code analysis tool, just like a helpful detective for your JavaScript code. It quickly spots any issues in your code and gives you the power to make your own rules to keep your project in check. It's a popular debugging tool that emphasizes your code style and quality.

The tool is up-to-date with the latest ECMAScript standards and can even handle new, experimental syntax. If you're using JSX or TypeScript, no worries; ESLint can handle those too with a transpiler or plugin.


Nuclide is a specialized tool with a highly customized integrated development environment (IDE) that helps developers enhance project coding. It has useful features like health stats, quick navigation, working sets, a debugger, context view, task runner, and more, which all work together to make strong and scalable applications.

It also offers helpful tools like auto-complete for code, inline errors, and jump-to-definition for quick assistance. If you're stuck on a problem, Nuclide has a big group of developers ready to help, making sure you can keep moving forward with your work.


React Native Debugger is a tool that helps developers seamlessly debug and optimize their apps. It works with other tools like Chrome DevTools that developers are already familiar with. This tool is also good for fixing problems in apps that use a lot of state management.

A cool feature of React Native Debugger is that it lets developers look at the component hierarchy. So, developers can easily see the component tree and see how they are connected. This is helpful when you are debugging an unexpected behavior in the app.


Enzyme is a top choice for React Native developers. It's designed for testing React components in JavaScript, making the testing process simpler. The main goal of this debugger tool is to help improve how applications are tested.

In practical terms, this tool allows developers to check if their project's user interface looks and behaves as intended. Moreover, Enzyme is known for its flexibility and easy testing of React code.


Rectotron is a helpful desktop-supporting app that you can use for free. It's great for checking React Native apps on different operating systems like iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows. It even keeps an eye on API requests and responses.

Plus, Reactotron is like a detective for detecting problems. It notices unexpected error events and dispatch actions, as well as checking on Redux store interaction with the app. Besides inspection, it can also help you debug and monitor tasks in your code.

The best thing about Reactotron is that it does all of this by itself, saving developers time and making apps work even better.


WebStorm is a user-friendly and strong IDE tool for building React Native apps. It helps developers write great code quickly, no matter how complex the project is.

It's not just for React Native; WebStorm also supports back-end development with Node.js. It can work well with other technologies and makes it easy for developers to start working without wasting time on setup.

Additionally, it has a clever code completion feature for Flow and React Symbols. This is really helpful for React Native, suggesting things like React-specific attributes, different methods, React events, HTML tags & components name, and much more.



React Native has earned a commendable reputation in the development sector. This is because of its instinctive features and adaptable customization options for developers.

Whether you're a newcomer to React Native or an industry expert, the tools mentioned here prove to be indispensable partners, simplifying the entire development process.

These resources help developers to create cross-platform applications efficiently, allowing them to leverage the full potential of React Native's versatility and speed up their project timelines.

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