How to Get Current URL in Laravel

WebSolutionStuff | Mar-10-2021 | Categories : Laravel PHP

In this small post we will see how to get current url in laravel, if you want to get current page url in laravel then we can use many method such type current(), full(), request(), url().

Here i will give you all example to get current page url in laravel, in this example i have used helper and function as well as so let's start example of  how to get current url id in laravel.


Example 1 :  full() with Helper and Query string parameters


$currenturl = url()->full();



Example 2 : current() with Helper


$currenturlĀ = url()->current();



Example 3 : using Request


$currenturl = Request::url();



Example 4: current() with Facade


$currenturl = URL::current();



Example 5: full() with Facade and Query string parameters
$currenturl = URL::full();



Get Previous URL in Laravel :


$pre_url= url()->previous();



Get Current Route in Laravel :


$cur_route = Route::current()->getName();



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